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New Apps!

Thanks to American Girl's new catalog, I know about some amazing American Girl apps coming our way soon!

First, there's a new WellieWishers app out NOW! I've already downloaded it to my iPad mini and will use it after I get off the computer. It is called Garden Fun and is free with in-app purchases. It came out on October 4, but I didn't find out about it until today.

"Meet the WellieWishers, a sweet and silly group of girls who try their best to be well-wishers, people who show kindness to others. When the WellieWishers step into their colorful garden boots, they're ready for anything: stomping in mud puddles, putting on a show, and helping friendships grow. Explore, share, and care with Ashlyn, Camille, Emerson, Kendall, and Willa as they find out what it’s like to walk in another's Wellies.

FEATURES:• Explore, discover and interact in the wonderful WellieWishers garden.• Camille’s Hidden Object: Come together and search the garden for ways to help lift Camille's spirit.• Ashley’s Tea Party: Learn to plan, design and customize a practically perfect Tea Party for your friends.• Be creative and decorate the garden with your favorite characters, flowers, pet and more. • Meet the WellieWishers™ and learn more about this sweet and silly group of girls.• Plant, water and nurture plants and flowers in your very own garden."

This seems a lot cooler than the previous WellieWishers app!

And now, drumroll, please.....

THERE'S AN APP CALLED AMERICAN GIRL WORLD! (I'd like my royalties in AG gift cards and photos of leaks, please.)

"Step in your favorite characters' worlds and experience the stories you love in a whole new way."

I WANT THIS SO BAD! Too bad it's not out yet. Previously, American Girl said there'd be an "all-character app" releasing in 2018, so it will probably come out January 1 to coincide with the release of Luciana.

Speaking of Luciana, we have a leak for her coming in just a bit, so stick around1

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