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Girl Gives Dolls to Cancer Patients

Like many girls, eight-year-old Taigan Rockwell was saving up for an American Girl doll. Unlike many girls, she was winning money in junior dragway races.

So when her mom gave her an American Girl catalog and Taigan saw the Truly Me dolls without hair, she knew she had to give dolls to cancer patients instead of buying one for herself.

At Osceola Dragway, where Taigan drag races, the other racers and neighborhood people heard about her plan and donated enough money to buy TEN American Girl dolls for girls fighting cancer.

On Saturday, she went to the American Girl store in Chicago and bought the ten dolls. On Wednesday, she and her doll, Nanea, donated the dolls to the Beacon Children's Hospital in Indiana. Here are some photos of Taigan and the girls who received dolls thanks to Taigan:

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