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WellieWishers Alternatives

This holiday system, Target and Big Lots have new alternatives to WellieWishers. I don't like either of these new lines, but I'm posting them because I had nothing else to post. These lines are more about sparkles and fashion then the outdoors and wholesome stuff, like WellieWishers. They also have special accessories that are rip offs of the wellington boots the Wellies come with. If you are curious, step right in!

The first WellieWisher alternative line is called Glitter Girls, which are sold at . These six dolls are 14.5 inches tall and are made by Battat, the makers of Our Generation. They are focused on glitter and fashion and are noticeably less diverse then the WellieWishers. The accessory in this line is a sparkly bow.

These dolls are $20, but I'd rather pay three times the price for a Wellie.

The other one is called Style Girls and are available at Big Lots. They only have three dolls, but they look like possessed WellieWishers. They are made by a company called Play Zone, which also sells rip offs of American Girl dolls (that look like demons). The focus in this line is on fashion and bags. The accessory is a bag.

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