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Doll of the Week: Kara!

Who changed their clocks? I changed the time on my PDM (Personal Data Manager, blood meter and insulin pump in one) last night... that way, I wouldn't forget!

The Doll of the Week is Kara!

Kara is Truly Me #46 (NOT Gabriela!). I got her at the 2017 American Girl Benefit Sale on July 22, 2017 for my diaversary- 2 years of being type 1 diabetic!

If you know that Gabriela is great with poetry and very creative, her twin sister Kara is definitely different. Kara is shy and doesn't have many ideas- she has to rely on her twin for help. Kara has strength somewhere else, though- gaming. She can figure out how to beat a game very quick and has her own gaming YouTube channel! Even though she is very different from other gamers in gender and race, she uses her channel to show that skill is what's needed instead of looks and that everyone is equal. Outside of gaming, she likes to go to Ivy's salon and try to challenge Ivy!

Kara works at a recording studio, where she was featured in helping her friend Rachel play the flute:

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