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Doll of the Week: Sierra!

Sierra is the Doll of the Week!

My sister got Sierra on Christmas Day 2012. Sierra is #30. Fun fact- My sister asked for #25, her true look-alike doll, but she got #30 as part of a not-being-able-to-tell-molds-apart mistake! I ended up getting #25 at the American Girl Benefit Sale- my JoJo!

Sierra is a fashionista at heart- she won't settle for people- or AG designers- making color mistakes. Whenever she sees an outfit she doesn't like, she says "You need a lesson on colors" to the outfit. She likes to design her own outfits, sew and make her own clothes. She also likes modeling, singing and watching Miraculous with her sister Jade.

I've had Sierra ever since I started AGTube, so she's been in a bunch of videos. Here's one of her first videos- No Electronics: A Nightmare (I was only 9 when I made it, so it's a bit terrible, and the other voice is Madison, who as you may know used to do SM Network with me)

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