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AG Black Friday Sale!

From today until Sunday, AG has $1 books, $5 accessories and $10 outfits at their stores for Black Friday! The doors will open at 8 am local time for every store.

For those who can't make it to the store, from today until tomorrow there's special collections to save on- up to 50% off! No dolls, though. (tear).

These collections are:

-Tenney's Performance Collection (guitar, banjo, Tenney's Spotlight Outfit, Logan's Performance Outfit and stage for $170)

-Horse Collection (Western Plaid Riding Outfit, Stable and Supplies and Prancing Horse for $160)

-Ice Cream Fun Collection (Rainbow Sprinkles Outfit and Ice Cream Cart for $80)

-Melody's Block Party Collection (table and chairs, Play Outfit and block party set for $105)\

-Assorted Mix and Match Collections ranging from $31 to $71

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