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12DoD Day 2

Today's 12DoD, which stands for 12 Days of Deals, is a AG Rewards- exclusive sale!

There are various items from different lines, but they have some amazing deals for furniture!

Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room is $168!

Garden Theater Stage is $67!

Nanea's Family Market is $187!

Campus Snack Cart is $112!

There are also some outfits for Tenney, Z, WellieWishers, Nanea and Bitty Baby, as well as an EXCLUSIVE BLACK SPARKLE OUTFIT!

As for accessories, there are both big and small items, as well as girl's accessories, for Tenney, Z, Maryellen, WellieWishers, Nanea, Kit, Felicity, Truly Me, Melody and Bitty Baby.

Have fun shopping on your special day, AG Rewards members!

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