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Lea Clark's New Year's Eve 2017-18!

*This post is written by Lea and typed by Sydney*

Does anyone remember last year, when I had an AWESOME New Year's Eve show? Now, it has over 1 thousand views and we're bringing it back for 2017-2018!

It's going to be an awesome party and all of you guys are invited!

Who it's for: Me and Gabriela are hosting this for all of you guys to honor the GOTY for 2018! Plus, there's going to be a special guest dropping by!

What we're going to do: We will have musical performances by the WellieWishers, Tenney and Logan and AGDN's very own Kaylee! Plus, we'll play GOTY Jeopardy, learn more about the new Girl of the Year and interview the new dolls of AGDN!

Where you can watch: YouTube on sm network, this blog and @agfansince2013 Instagram!

When it will happen: December 31, 2017 at 11:30 pm to January 1, 2018 around 1 am! (If you want to know when it starts in your time zone, click here!)

Why: Because the real specials on TV don't acknowledge the real main event of New Year's- the GOTY release!

Hope to see you there!


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