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My New Additions

Merry Christmas! I got some new dolls, which I'm going to show you. This is part 1 of my AG Christmas Haul, I'm uploading Part 2 later today and Part 3 tomorrow.

This doll I got from my mom:

Pearl is Truly Me 33. Pearl is a girl who is best friends with Coral and is obsessed with Christmas- because she loves getting presents. One day, when she discovers that Coral got the most prized toy of the season, the two realize that the school library needs more books and sell it on eBay to help the school library grow. Through this experience, Pearl realizes the true meaning of Christmas- giving, family and friends.

The rest I got from my dad:

Quinn is Truly Me #71. Quinn is a bold girl who is facing osteosarcoma cancer. That doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves- drawing. Even though she isn’t that good, she loves what she does. One day, she gets visited by representatives from Make a Wish and Quinn decides that she doesn’t want a wish- she wants to help others get their wishes! Nobody has wished for that for 15 years, which makes Quinn even more ready to help. She sells her artwork and her old toys, and pretty soon enough, Quinn raises enough money to grant all the wishes.

Faith is Truly Me #73. Faith is a girl dreaming of a cure for neuroblastoma cancer. She’s been fighting for her life for a long time and is ready to get rid of her cancer. To help do so, she starts a puppy blog and uses the Adsense money to give to the hospital for cancer patients. But when it gets too popular, the world wants to see the girl known as PuppyLuver125. Faith isn’t ready for the world to know she has cancer. But it will help more people visit her site, so she can be cancer-free later on.

Jess is her canon self.

Elizabeth is her canon self- same interests, but modern.

Veronica is Truly Me #22. Veronica is a whip-smart brainiac who has a high IQ and skipped 3 grades- she’s 13 and in tenth grade. She dreams of being a doctor one day, but she wonders what can she do to help people feel better now. When she learns that tweens and teens in Africa miss 20% of school because they don’t have feminine care supplies, she works hard to raise money to send the supplies to Africa. It’s hard work, but she tries anyway.

Coral is Just Like You #1. Coral Summers is a 9 year old girl who loves books and only wants one thing for Christmas- the coveted, sold out Glow-a-Pet. When she sees a Glow-a-Pet in the basement waiting for Christmas morning with her best friend Pearl, they both realize that giving is more important than receiving and sell the Glow-a-Pet on eBay to raise money to help the school library selection of books. When Coral ends up getting lowballed, she realizes to be happy with what she has and is proud of the impact she made.

Merry Christmas!

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