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New January 1st Release (Excluding GOTY)

Today, the new January 1 items for Truly Me, WellieWishers and Tenney Grant were released in stores- including a new, exciting addition to the Truly Me line: BOYS! Yep, you heard that right! FOUR BOYS were released today in stores! Here's the gallery:

I think these dolls are really cool! I got 74 and 75 with a whopping $80 off coupon- thanks, Christmas AG shopping!

The boys got 2 outfits and some accessory sets:

I like the hats and accessories, but am not too sure if I like the outfits.

The Truly Me girls weren't left alone- they got the Spring 2018 mix and match collection and some outfits and even a snack stand!

This release stuff is amazing- I love the food stand!

The Wellies weren't left out of the fun either. The new stuff from them includes a piano, guitar and a chicken coop!

And for the last line, Tenney got a mix and match collection!

That's all folks! Next, year end sale post and then, THE IN DEPTH REVIEW OF TRULY ME 74 AND 75!

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