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Space Camp- A Luciana Fan Fiction

I wrote this story about Luciana's little sister, Isadora, going to Space Camp in 2029. Here it is:

I looked at my star necklace that I had since I was a baby, and I looked at my phone, with a photo of my older sister, Luciana. Luciana, who is 22, was in space- having a adventure in Mars. Luciana inspired me to love space and dream of going to Mars just like my sister. As my parents pulled into the parking spot, I remembered my admission process. Luciana had tried three times to enter for a scholarship before the first time she went to Space Camp, but all I had to do was say I was the sister of a real astronaut- one of the most famous ones, in fact, and boom! I was in!

I stepped up to the desk, very nervous. "Name, please?", said the lady. "Isadora Vega, but you can call me Izzy. I'm eleven." Just then, everyone looked at me. All the kids, as young as nine and the older ones going to the Advanced Space Academy. One kid looked at another and said, "Vega? As in... LUCIANA?" The other said, "People can have the same last name and not be related." I sighed. It was going to be a long week.

When I got into my cabin, I chose the top bunk because it reminded me of flying in a spaceship. I got unpacked, but when I sat by my new teammates, nobody really wanted to actually get to know me. They wanted to ask me about my sister.

"How are you guys sisters if she's 22 and your-"

"Adopted from Chile."

"Have you ever been on the moon?"


"Is it cool having a sister like Luc-"

"I know it's cool being related to a real life astronaut, but she was once a girl dreaming to get into Space Camp like us. If she made it this far, we need to get to work doing all the fun activities."

BOOM! That worked like a charm. Our team had confidence and spirit and won all the activities we did. We worked together, and made new bonds that I knew we would have for life.

At graduation, I was waiting for my group to be called when I got a text on my phone.

From: Luci

Message: I have a surprise...

I didn't know what to think. It must've been a false text, or my phone was glitching. Luciana was in Mars- she had been for three years and the last time I've seen her or got a text from her I was 8. The announcer got a text too, and he looked and said, "Well, we have a special guest here to pick up one of our campers. Everyone, please welcome Luciana Vega!" It was real. My sister was home from Mars. I cried, running up to Luciana and hugged.

"How was camp?"

"Amazing. Take me to Mars!"

Hope you liked it! (It took me a hour)

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