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11 American Girl Fun Things To Do To Beat The Cold!

Bored on a snow day? Here are 11 fun things you can to to beat the cold with American Girl!

1. Watch a American Girl movie! You can find them on iTunes, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

2- Start an AGTube! There are many videos out there to teach how to make stopmotions.

3- Or if you are too lazy to make a stopmotion- watch the TV page on this blog and see mine!

4- Dress your dolls! It's time for them to get out of their Christmas dresses. :)

5- Play American Girl games and puzzles! You can play them on this site or

6- Make Create Your Own dolls! Go to the Create Your Own site and start dreaming up your dream dolls!

7- Write a story for what you think Girl of the Year 2019 will be. You can give her a name, a backstory, and make a doll for her on the Create Your Own site!

8- Play dolls. Even though it might be a little different from what you normally do with them, you can play with your dolls to dream up ideas for your next AGSM!

9- Give one of your older dolls a spa day. You can clean her with Magic Eraser or baking soda and water, wash her hair with a bit of shampoo and conditioner, tighten her limbs with rubber bands or even re-wig or eye swap her!

10- Haven't read one of your doll's books that you got with them? Read it now! After, you can re-enact the book with your dolls! 11- Take apart one of your American Girl Mega Construx sets, print out the instructions online, and re-build it!

What are you going to do today? I'm going to film my new AGSM movie!

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