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Truly Me might not be for long.

No, don't get stressed. The idea of getting namesless modern dolls that can either look like you or even be your total opposite without shelling out $200 for a custom doll isn't going away. But the name might be changing soon! This is just a rumor, based on facts.

In 2006, American Girl of Today, which was the original name of the non-customization modern nameless line that launched all the way in 1995, changed it's name for the first time with the exception of dropping the word "of" in 1996 to Just Like You.

In 2010, the name changed again to My American Girl, coinciding with the launch of 2 new online programs, Shine on Now and Innerstar University. Shine On Now was temporary for the summer of 2010.

In 2015, the name changed again to Truly Me, with Innerstar University closing in November 2015.

Now, we're here in 2018. The name won't change this year, because if it was, the meet outfit wouldn't have changed last summer. But based on what I have identified with the year patterns of every four to five years, I can make a educated guess that the name of Truly Me will change in either 2019 or 2020, as well as the meet outfit changing.

What would you rename Truly Me? I'd rename the line Your Character, where girls and boys are encouraged to make a character for their doll and unlock their doll in a app where they can make friends with American Girl characters and other player's Your Character dolls.

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