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Create Your Own Contest WINNERS!

(DISCLAIMER- I used to choose the winners: I put all the email names in a list randomizer and it gave me an order, and I'm showing the first three dolls in the order)

Great job making such amazing dolls! They were all so good, I decided to give THREE dolls features on AGDN! (A feature means that they'll be in this post, not that you actually get the doll. I'm too broke to do that!)

Third place is AGLoverSam with a medium skinned Sonali mold with brown hair and gray eyes!

Second place is Jenni Rose with Aliya Nora!

And, the first place winner- the champion- the best of the best, is....

Miss Mousey, with a light skinned Jess mold with black hair and brown eyes!

Great job, all of you! Even if you didn't win, it's OK- I'm going to have another contest soon!

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