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Luciana STEM Celebration at US Space and Rocket Center- A Inside Look!

Yesterday was the Luciana STEM celebration at the US Space and Rocket Center, and even though I couldn't attend due to circumstances that included a Super Bowl party, it being a school night and just being so far away, AGDN reader Annie Darling could make it! She took lots of photos for me to share.

If you like Annie's photos, go to her blogs- and !

First, she took many photos at the main event in the Saturn V Rocket Building. There was so many fun activities to do, like making astronaut pudding, taking a photo with a Space Camp blowup, remote controlling robots and painting! Rhea Seddon, a former astronaut, also had a book signing there. Here are the photos from the event:

After the free main event was over, Annie went to a dinner where a former astronaut, Jan Davis, talked.

Annie told me that many girls brought Luciana with them, but others bought Luciana- and there was a long line at the gift shop!

The attendance was amazing- Annie said that there was about 80 people at the dinner and reported that there were over 1,600 at the free event! During the event, Annie and her Luciana doll did some exploring at the exhibits.

Luciana is a big hit- one of the American Girl ladies told Annie that Luciana holds the record for biggest AG doll launch EVER!

Thanks Annie for the photos!

If you made it this far, you get some astronaut pudding and a parking lot!

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