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"Let Me Out!" American Girl Dolls That Have Been In The Box for TOO LONG

All American Girl dolls experience one thing before they get their owners- the box. Hair nets tied, neck and legs strapped in, and sometimes wrap around their hands- it's pure torture for dolls. It seems like it, because I'd hate it. Most dolls are lucky to get good homes of girls and boys who play with them, take photos and make AGSM videos. Others, however- they end up to eBay sellers, who don't open them and sell them on eBay when they're long gone. Here is a group of dolls that have been in the box for way too long!

The gang's all here, from 2001's Lindsey to Gabriela from last year- all still new in the boxes. This crazy seller has so many dolls that are just waiting to come out- and are selling them all together for a whopping $6500- about $382 per doll. Crazy, since you can get Gabriela at American Girl for only $115 right now! I feel so bad for this group.

Would you rescue these dolls?

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