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AGDN Stand Strong Day!

Today, American Girl Doll News is celebrating Stand Strong Day, in honor of Chrissa, Sonali and Gwen! You might wonder, why today? But nine years ago today in Chrissa's book, Chrissa Maxwell started her new school and her journey to stop bullying for herself and others. Today, I will post these Chrissa-themed things:

-Are You Chrissa, Sonali or Gwen quiz

-How Well Do You Know Chrissa quiz

-The Best of Chrissa's Crazy Adventures (since it's a day honoring Chrissa, how could I NOT include one of the best AGTube shows on the planet!)

In the comments, say something nice to the person who commented before you! I'll start. I'm Sydney, and you are amazing! (Then the first person to comment would say, Hi Sydney, I'm so and so and "insert nice thing here", and the second would say Hi So and So, I'm blah blah blah and "insert nice thing here." You get the idea.)

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