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AGDN Stand Strong Day: The Best of Chrissa's Crazy Adventures!

We couldn't do a entire Chrissa day on American Girl Doll News without including Chrissa's Crazy Adventures! This classic AGTube series by 7cutekitten7 started in 2011 and even though a regular episode hasn't been uploaded since 2015, it's still hilarious and fun to watch! It's about 7cutekitten7's crazy Chrissa doll living her life, and today I'm showing you six episodes that every CCA fan needs to watch!

1. The first ever one about gum in school.

2. Three Interesting States- AKA: Chrissa is obsessed with Massachusetts and thinks Georgia is stinky.

3. The De-JERK-Ifiar: Don't we all need a De-JERK-Ifiar?

4. Chrissa For President: I love how (spoiler alert) Chrissa wants to run and then she finds out that Mitt Romney was the mayor of Massachusetts once and then decides not to. (BUT WE NEED CHRISSA IN OFFICE NOW!)

5. Talking to the TV: Children's TV creators, listen to Chrissa!

6: Doll Problems- When you watch this, you'll realize being a doll is awesome.

Honorable Mention: Global Warming, which was uploaded on my ninth birthday!

What's your favorite AGTube series? Mine is either Chrissa's Crazy Adventures or #EloiseRules.

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