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Random Facts About Molly

Since Molly is supposedly rereleasing tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to tell you guys some random facts about her!

1- Molly has three siblings, Ricky, Jill and Brad, but Brad doesn’t show up in the movie Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front.

2- Molly has two best friends, Linda and Susan, but when it came time to give her a Best Friends doll, American Girl decided to make her Emily- a character who only appeared in one Central Series book.

3- In illustrations, Molly has brown eyes, but Molly’s doll has gray eyes.

4- Molly is the only American Girl doll to wear glasses. (Z does as well, but she doesn’t come with them.)

5- If she comes back tomorrow, Molly will be the third Historical Character to come back, after Samantha in 2014 and Felicity in 2017.

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