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99 Dolls And Counting: How Do I Survive?

Here's a post nobody asked for but I felt like doing because I had no ideas- how do I survive with my massive American Girl doll collection? I have 99 American Girl dolls, which is a lot of dolls. My family, friends and employees at the American Girl store always ask a lot of questions about my dolls. Here's my answers to most of my frequently asked questions about my dolls, plus some I'd ask myself if I forgot about my dolls (which would never happen)

1. Where do you put them?- I have my own room for my dolls, and in the room I put them on the windowsill, on a bench, and on shelves in a closet. This is just what I do when I'm not using a particular doll, because obviously I take them off of the shelf/windowsill/bench when I am!

2. How do you remember all their names?- I have Asperger's syndrome, which a common characteristic of is that you might remember a lot about subjects you are very interested in- mine being American Girl dolls. I can tell which doll it is just by looking at it, and it's name if it's a Truly Me or if I renamed it. If I forget exactly, I always have some unique characteristics of my dolls to help me remember- like Ada having a white mark on her left forehead, Sara's Create Your Own stamp on her foot, Nanea's unique face mold, and so on.

3. How do you dress them all?- Usually, I dress a doll every one to two months. I used to dress them all at once, but once my collection expanded after the American Girl Benefit Sale, I couldn't anymore. I have countless outfits, so I don't have to worry about a doll being naked!

4. How did you get so much?- Life. Just life.

If you would like ask me a question about my doll collection, you can comment it below and I'll answer it!

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