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Answering Google's Questions About American Girl Dolls

I’m mostly focusing on filming a YouTube video and figuring out how to watch a channel in Canada for the new Miraculous episode in two weeks today, so I just decided that today here on AGDN I’d answer Google’s questions about American Girl dolls.


Why are American Girl dolls so expensive?- Because they are made of high quality materials, and it’s very expensive to make dolls that are of high quality materials. (I know this because I’m making a doll line of dolls using the same high quality materials.)

Why are American Girl dolls so popular?- Because they are amazing. Enough said.

Why are American Girl dolls for ages 8 and up?- I know there are younger fans, but they are for 8 and up because dolls deal with themes that may be too rough on young girls and some sensitive older ones, like poverty, bullying, racism, etc.

Why are American Girl dolls retired?- Low-selling dolls or dolls that have been around for a while are retired to make room for new dolls,

Why are American Girl dolls made in China?- Because doll factories in America are scarce, and they are cheaper to make in China. (I also know this because I am making a doll line of dolls made in China.)

Why were American Girl dolls made?- To teach girls about history in a fun way.

Why are American Girl dolls so special?- They have some amazing backstories and the dolls and their items are heirlooms that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Ta-da! What would you say to Google?

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