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Contemporary Character 2018 Guess

If Amazon is correct, there seems to be a new Contemporary Character coming out June 18! I have a theory about what she might be. This is just a guess. Feel free to share if you want, but don't say this is legit. Because it most likely will not be legit.

There have been rumors and evidence that Kit will be cubed:

And rumors and evidence that Z will be cubed or retired:

What do these dolls have in common? One's a BeForever and the other is a Contemporary, one has blond hair and another has brunette....


Kit aspires to be a reporter and also takes photos, and Z makes stopmotions, videos and photography.

A guess of mine would have to be that the character likes things in that field. I'm crossing my fingers for blogging- I've been doing it more than half my life! (3 years on a random personal blog that doesn't exist anymore, and 4 years and a quarter on AGDN)

I also think she might have red hair, as Kit has blond hair and Z has brunette hair. I made up a guess on the Create Your Own website:

What would be your dream doll? I say a blogger, DJ or a fangirl of a TV show that's meant for younger kids, because those are the only 3 (realistic) interests of mine AG hasn't covered. The doll line CEO doll will probably never happen, the closest I'll get is Grace. But I don't care, she goes to Paris, and Paris is simply the best. Get it?

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