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one hundred dolls.

It's crazy to think about this. Five years ago this day, I wouldn't believe this- I was too preoccupied on other stuff to even think about American Girl dolls. Even one year ago, I'd be shocked to think this- this time last year, I only had 52 dolls and was thinking of landing 100 by the time high school ended. But, someone special is on her way.

My one hundredth American Girl doll.

American Girl has helped me so much this past four years and a half of my life. Some of my best moments involve my dolls. I've always thought I had a lot of dolls (ten dolls seemed like a lot to 8-year old Sydney), but never once I have forgotten one of my dolls' names, arrival days or kind. They are all special to me.

I don't know when she will come, but I'll tell you her name and kind:

Just Like You 3! I'm naming her Pleasant, after the person who started all of American Girl.

Thank you to everybody who's supported my love of dolls!

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