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American Girl History Lesson: Truly Me Wasn't Always A Doll Line...

You might know Truly Me as the name of the line of countless dolls that are meant to resemble the owner and have her or his own personality. But way back to when most of us were babies, toddlers and even not alive, there was another Truly Me with an American Girl logo: but it wasn’t on doll boxes.

In 2005, American Girl partnered with Bath and Body Works to make a fragrance line called Truly Me.

Also in 2005, there was a personal care line called Real Beauty introduced, as well as miscellaneous products from the partnership, like hair combs, calendars, compact mirrors and handbags.

In 2007, there was a new scent introduced called Hopes and Dreams.

All the products were discontinued by the summer of 2008, because American Girl and Bath And Body Works mutually agreed to end their partnership.

AG flirted with the idea of doing another personal care line in 2015, going as far as to send a card advertising it would come out in October 2015. It never came out.

Did you like this history lesson? What do you want next? (Don't say Girls of Many Lands, I did that back in April 2016, go slide into my blog archives)

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