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Z Yang Products ON SALE IN CANADA?

Things aren't looking too good for our friend Suzie... but looking good for Canadian AG collectors!

EVERYTHING from Z's collection- yes, you are reading this right, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, yes, even the doll- is on sale on the Chapters/Indigo site for Canadians! Things are up to 30% off- does this hint even stronger to my prediction of Z's retirement or cubing? Here's the sale list:

(All prices in Canadian dollars)

Z Doll- $104.50

Media Kit- $95

Popcorn's Rainy Day Outfit- $25

Popcorn- $24

Accessories- $28

Sightseeing Outfit (sold out in stores)- $28

Shirt for Girls- $22 (small, medium and large sold out in stores)

Leggings for Girls- $19

Filming Accessories- $25

The Rain Outfit, Easy Breezy Outfit, Scooter and Desk are sold out in both stores and online.

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