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New American Girl Party Option: Salon Styles Deluxe!

Starting April 9, 2018, American Girl is going to have a BRAND NEW party option for their stores! It is the Salon Styles Deluxe theme. It is for girls 8 and up and for groups 5-12 in regular stores and 6-14 in Place stores (Chicago, New York and Los Angeles). It costs $47 per girl and $37 per adult ($56 per girl and $46 per adult in the Place stores, and $10 per adult in non-Bistro stores).

It will be a unforgettable salon-themed party that includes cool special extras, like a salon cape, mini hair clips and a book! The package includes 90 minutes of time in the American Girl private birthday room, a meal from the American Girl Bistro or Cafe if available, signature cake and ice cream (plus beverages if your store does not have a Bistro), a table activity and take home craft, goody bags and doll tiaras for all the attendees, and a special gift for the birthday celebrant! Plus, you get digital invitations, and if your store doesn't have a Bistro, you get a Doll Hair Salon hairdo for one of each attendee's dolls- plus a party coordinator to make the event extra-special!

Who wants to have a Salon Styles Deluxe party? I would, but my only friends are either online or boys who wouldn't enjoy it.

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