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Video Friday! (PLUS: Revolutioners Puzzle and Tenney + Logan Crossword!)

Happy Friday, everyone! To cap off your week, here are some videos that are new to SM Network! (From now on, I'm going to only be showing videos on Fridays, so subscribe to the SM Network if you want to see them first!)

First, a new episode of The Revolutioners is here!

My other video is of Logan hanging out with someone other than Tenney... and she's not happy!

I got the message from the survey that people wanted to see less of the videos because it's just a repost from my YouTube, so I decided to make activities related to the video that people who already seen the video can do!

First, a Revolutioners puzzle exclusive to this post:

If puzzles aren't your forte, you can print out this Tenney and Logan word search and have fun! Just follow the normal steps to print out a image that you follow with anything else.

Have fun!

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