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A Day At The Diner: An American Girl Photostory

I haven't made a photostory since 2014, so I decided to try it again after feedback I got from the survey!

Maryellen: Hello! I’m Maryellen. Welcome to my diner! Well, it’s actually my mom’s. But I like to think it’s mine- I take it over while she’s at school!

Maryellen: This is the kitchen where I make everyone’s food.

And this is where all my happy customers eat! They aren’t here yet- wait a second, it’s opening time! I need to open the doors.

Maryellen: I just did! Oh, look, Hope and Gabriela are here!

Hope: Hi, Maryellen!

Gabriela: It’s a pleasure to be here!

Maryellen: What would you like to drink?

Hope: I’ll have a soda.

Gabriela: I’ll just have water.

Maryellen: Now I’m getting their drinks!

Maryellen: Here you go!

Gabriela: Thank you!

Hope: Your place has the best sodas.

Maryellen: Do you know what you would like to eat?

Gabriela: Yes! I’ll have a hamburger!

Hope: I’ll have a taco!

Maryellen: I’ll be right back as soon as I can with your food!

Maryellen: Some people see “flipping burgers” as a boring and unsuccessful job. But I like it- it’s funner than just sitting around on the computer all day!

Maryellen: Right now I’m stuffing the taco shell with meat and lots of cheese- I know Hope loves it like that!

Maryellen: All done with the food! Now to deliver it!

Maryellen: Here is your food!

Gabriela and Hope: Thank you!

Gabriela: This is the best place ever!

Hope: I agree!

Maryellen: Thanks!

Did you like this? Comment if I should make more.

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