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You've voted- over 1,000 times. You've been passionate about your choices. Now, it's time to announce the SM Network 2018 Summer Movie.

This movie is really personal to me because it's about not caring what people think, love over hatred and a conflict inside a person- all things I have to deal with. It combines all those things with a genre of storytelling I've grown to love in the past two years, and has some characters that I love and I think you will too.



If you don't remember, this is Human's plot: Revolves around Jazz Thomas (Rachel), a girl with anxiety and depression so intense that she can’t step outside her door alone. She goes to school and required places that she needs to be with her twin Alivia. (Alyson) School is hard on her, and she tries to be out of the spotlight at all times there. But she has a little secret- in reality, she is the superhero, Moonbeam, who saves the world from a group known as the Perfects, who want the world to hate. Only Alivia knows Jazz’s secret, and always is where Moonbeam is fighting so Jazz can be comfortable. She strives to be perfect as Moonbeam and feels like that will be her only accepted form. She’s scared the world will find out that she’s insecure in real life- until they actually do.

(There's more plot, but it's in the form of twist!)

Thanks to everyone who voted! You'll see Human premiere this summer.

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