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Doll of the Week: Ocean!

Ocean is the Doll of the Week!

I got Ocean in March 2015 at the American Girl store in Charlotte. She is Truly Me 47. I got her because I wanted a doll that looked like Sonali, but I didn't want to pay a million dollars for Sonali. I ended up getting lucky and got Sonali for only $75, but I still love my Ocean!

Ocean is a smart and studious girl. Spelling is her favorite subject, but she also adores everything else. She makes perfect straight A's- but what happens when she makes a B in social studies? Ocean works hard to turn the B into a A, but she keeps on getting B's. Ocean feels like giving up, but she soon realizes that you can't be perfect all of the time and that B's are good grades, too.

Fun facts about Ocean:

-She's won the National Spelling Bee

-I came up with her name in the bathtub

-I was also considering Brooke for her name: now, my #17 is named Brooke!

-She drove a ice cream truck one summer

-Ocean's best friend is Audra

Ocean hasn't had any big roles in videos, but she was a judge in Lindsey: An American Girl Story!

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