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Doll of the Week: Destiny!

Destiny is the Doll of the Week!

I got Destiny on June 22, 2017- her release date, along with the other two Truly Me dolls that released that day. I got her because she was a new doll- and she ended up being my favorite out of the trio that released last summer! Destiny is Truly Me #67.

Destiny is the American Girl employee who thought of permapanties. After PantyGate, American Girl fired her and sewed on her underwear. After getting turned down numerous jobs because of her permapanties, Destiny saved a old man from getting superglued on a tree and became Captain Permapanties! She ended up realizing that nobody but that old man gets superglued on trees and then became a pilates instructor. She still has a running count of how many times she's saved the old man from getting superglued on trees- 265 times!

Fun facts about Destiny include:

-Before she became Captain Permapanties, she never touched SuperGlue.

-I was also considering Faith or Vera for Destiny's name. Faith ended up being the name of my #73!

-Destiny is cousins with Gabriela and Kara, my 46.

-Destiny hates her permapanties, but I won't take her to the Doll Hospital because I want to keep my permapantied dolls as is because they'll be rare in a couple years.

-Destiny's favorite American Girl outfit is Isabelle's Metallic Dress.

Destiny plays the role of Skystar on my series, The Revolutioners.

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