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Doll of the Week: Olive!

Olive is the Doll of the Week!

Olive is Truly Me #62. I got her on July 22, 2017 at the American Girl Benefit Sale. Before the sale, I was eyeing #62 for a while and was so excited to get her!

Olive is a friendly girl who is liked by everyone. She wants to be a Broadway star, but if she can't be a star, she'd like to be a set designer. Olive had a rough childhood- she moved 10 times in 13 years- but she still hangs on to her dreams wherever she lives. Sometimes, she fantasizes about being a star and the fortunes it will bring her, so she tries to give lots to charity in hopes for recognition. But that never happens- so Olive then realizes that the best feeling from it comes from the heart.

Olive was in a stopmotion called "The Rigged Spelling Bee".

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