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Human World Premiere Fundraiser!

I posted on the blog a few months ago about me possibly renting out a movie theater for the premiere of Human and it being a fundraiser for JDRF, a organization for type 1 diabetes research. After reading the comments on that post and realizing that barely anyone would be able to make it, I decided to ditch the movie theater and get creative virtually. Since I have a movie-theater quality projector at home and there's sites online where I could link a live stream to fundraising, my idea worked!

At 7 pm Eastern time on Thursday, June 7, I will be going live on an unlisted YouTube stream to premiere Human, my American Girl doll summer movie- eleven hours before it's supposed to come out! The catch is, you need to go to Tiltify or JDRF Your Way to get the link to the live stream and you are encouraged to donate anything- anything- to JDRF- on those sites. (Tiltify is for Paypal accounts, and JDRF Your Way processes credit cards.) Even if you don't have any money that's on a PayPal account, credit card or gift card to anywhere (those work too, I donated some leftover Christmas money from a Visa gift card on JDRF Your Way earlier), please ask your parents to donate- I don't know why they'd say no, you're literally asking for a donation to charity!

My goal is $100 combined on both platforms, but if I get to $150 combined, I'm posting Human on YouTube early- right after the stream ends!

The stream starts at 7 pm Eastern, but I'm starting the movie at 7:05 to ensure nobody's late and you have time to donate. After the movie until 7:45 pm (I'd go longer, but my mom and sister watch a TV show starting at 8 pm on Thursdays and I don't want any background noise from the TV there, we'll have time to have a Q&A with me and the dolls that starred in the movie, and I'll make a Quizizz (like Kahoot, but the questions are displayed on your screens so there's no disruption) about the movie that we can play if we raise $25 combined for JDRF!

See you on June 7- but you can donate now, too!

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