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How to Spell and Pronounce American Girl Doll Names!

Welcome! I'm making this post because one of my pet peeves are people who mispronounce and/or misspell American Girl doll names. Trust me, I used to be one too. When I was little, I pronounced Felicity "fell-ek-ty", Kaya "kay-ah", Josefina "joesph-ina" and Kirsten "cris-ten". Now, hopefully this post will decrease people who do this by at least 20%!


*Kaya- It's "ky-ah", not "kay-ah". It might look like the former, but it's actually the latter.

*Felicity- It's "full-is-it-tee", not "fell-ek-ty". I'm the only one who did this, I'm pretty sure.

*Josefina- It's "ho-seph-ina", not "joseph-ina". And it's not spelt Josephina, it's spelt Josefina.

*Marie-Grace: It's "muh-ree grace", not "mary grace". And it's not Marie Grace, it's Marie-Grace. (stares down Benefit Sale)

*Kirsten- It's "keer-sten", not "ker-sten" or "cris-ten". It's not Kristen, it's Kirsten.

*Addy- It's Addy, not Addie.

*Nanea- It's "nuh-nay-ah", not "nah-nee-ah" or "nuh-nee-ah".

*Julie- It's Julie, not Julia.


*Kailey- It's Kailey, not Kaylee.

*Marisol- Taken from page 53 of Marisol's book, it's "Mar-ee-soul", not "Mare-uh-soul" or "Mare-uh-sowl".

*Nicki- It's Nicki, not Nikki or Niki or Nicky. Nicki, as in Nicki Minaj. The same way, I meant. Nicki's not a rapper.

*Chrissa- It's Chrissa, not Carissa or Charissa or Krissa.

*Sonali- Pronounced "suh-nah-lee".

*Lanie- It's Lanie, not Laney or Lainey.

*Kanani- It's pronounced "kuh-na-nee". If six year old me could pronounce it right, so can you.

*McKenna- It's McKenna, not Makenna or Mackenna or Mckenna.

*Saige- It's not Sage. It's Saige.

*Isabelle- Not Isabella. It's Isabelle.

*Grace- Not Gracie. Grace.

*Lea- Not Leah. Lea.

*Gabriela- Not Gabriella. Gabriela. One L.

*Luciana- It's pronounced "lucy-ah-na." And her nickname is Luci, not Lucy. If you call my Luci "Lucy", she gets mad.

*Tenney- Not Tenny or Teni (even though the former is what I call her because in my videos, Tenney is just an exaggerated character and Teni is her real self). Tenney.

Ta-da! I hope you learned something from this list.

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