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New American Girl Live Dates in Indiana and Maryland!

American Girl Live has two new dates!

The first new date is for Wabash, Indiana (about an hour away from Fort Wayne). It's January 4th at the Honeywell Center. Tickets will go on sale on August 21.

The second date is for Hagerstown, Maryland (about a hour and a half from Baltimore). The date is February 1st, and it is at the Maryland Theatre. You can already buy tickets for that date on Ticketmaster.

P.S: Sorry that I've been posting so many new AG Live dates- there's literally nothing else to post! I promise I'm going to post a lot from the AG Outlet tomorrow!

P.P.S: Is it just me, or do you think the theaters AG are picking are really tiny? The high school I'm going to go to next year has a bigger auditorium than some of the AG Live theaters.

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