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American Girl Hershey Outlet- Doll List!

Today is the grand opening of the American Girl Hershey outlet! I'll have a haul up later tonight or tomorrow once I get home from Hershey, but I noticed on my Instagram posts of the outlet, there was one question most people asked: "Did they have #number?" Because of that, I decided I'd make a complete list of all the dolls the outlet had, since I'm on my way home and I have 8 hours to kill.

The dolls were all Truly Me dolls in the Lilac Dress, and they most likely have the old eyes and body cloth- some might have permapanties, though.




-I didn't see a 21 in the main TM display, but I saw one in a clothes display, so she might've been there

-30 (retired)




-37 (retired)


-41 (retired)





















To everyone who's going today or tomorrow, have fun!

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