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When Will The American Girl Holiday Release Be?

I couldn't just fall back to sleep after I found out there was no cool doll stuff during the release, so I decided to investigate and see when the real release might be!

The extra WellieWishers October release was on October 5th last year, according to my blog archive. October 5 was a Thursday, but American Girl normally releases stuff on Mondays now. For the sake of this post, I will put both Thursdays and Mondays into consideration.

The first Monday in October will be October 1, and the first Thursday will be October 4- aka my dog's birthday. The second Monday will be the 8th, and the second Thursday will be the 11th.

I doubt AG would want to do the 1st of the month as a release day due to parents paying taxes and other adult bills, and the 8th is Columbus Day this year. The 11th seems too late, so I think the release will be the 4th, but the 1st is likely too.

I'll put a countdown to the GOTY 2019 release on my countdown spot since we don't have a fixed date, but keep in mind that the true holiday release will be on October 1 or October 4!

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