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ELLIANA IN HER BOX! (And thank you guys!)

I got a photo of the final pre-production prototype for Elliana (the first Special Doll, if you haven't been living under a rock) in her box today. But before I show you guys, I just want to tell you guys something.

Today while I was in class, I was on this site checking the comments. A classmate of mine then walked up to me and asked, "Hey Sydney, what site are you on?" Before I could explain that this was my blog, he noticed I was on AGDN. He said, "American Girl Doll News. My sister loves that site!" I said, "Actually, this is my site."

The classmate was pretty much in shock and was like "Really? My sister loves your site! I have to tell her!"

After school, I was thinking of how many people go on this site- and if it wasn't for your guys' support on AGDN, Special Dolls wouldn't be a reality.

So thank you guys, for sticking with me leaks or not, and for making my dreams come true. (And also, if your brother told you that he's in my class, that's true! Hi!)

Now, here's the pretty much final product of years of dreaming!

I should have her by next week! This is really exciting, because the prototype I have of Elliana right now is really fragile and I'm not allowed to play, make stopmotions, take photos or do anything fun with her- she just sits in the same case in my room. Now, Elliana will actually join my doll family for real!

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