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Is Josefina Getting Cubed?

Lately when I've been going to the American Girl store, I've noticed a lack of items in Josefina's case. I thought she was going to get cubed, but then I noticed something else yesterday that made that thought in my mind a probable yes.

During this month's October sale, there were three pajamas on sale: Samantha's, Addy's and Josefina's. Samantha and Addy are cubed, if you haven't been living under a rock.

And I've posted this photo before, but this is Josefina's case at my local American Girl store (yes I'm lucky that I even have a local American Girl store):

This was back in April, and now I think they don't even have the Festival Outfit and Navidad Outfit on display anymore!

Now, her display's just her, her accessories, her nighttime accessories and her nightgown. If they plan on doing away with her nightgown, they'll probably do away with her nighttime things. And if they do away with both of those- she has the bare minimum to be cubed. I know that's what my sister calls slippery-slope thinking, but the If You Give A Mouse A Cookie books were just slippery slope thinking and we read those!

What do you think about Josefina being cubed? If they retire Luciana at the end of the year, I think that's a bad idea, but if they keep Luciana around for another year, it's fine. They'll just have to make another Latina BeForever. Maybe the 80's and 90's would work, because Google told me there was lots of problems in Cuba that led to people immigrating to America, and there hasn't been an immigrant doll since Kirsten and Nellie, who are both retired.

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