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Doll of the Week: Ivy!

Ivy is the Doll of the Week!

Ivy is Just Like You #16. My sister got her for her birthday in 2007, and she was the first ever doll to step foot into my house. She gave her to me in 2014.

Ivy is a fashionista and loves to style any kind of hair. She also loves to plan parties, fashion design- anything that requires making it perfect, she can do! She is best friends with Saige and Sydney- they are what Spring calls "a holy trinity", because those three can do anything! Ivy is always unphased when new dolls join the household- she just shrugs and says "another one?" Probably because she's had to deal with over 100 another ones.

Ivy has been in more videos than most of the dolls, since she was here when I only had 12 dolls to choose from vs. 109. Even though the video quality's bad, this is Ivy's most memorable role: Pebble B.

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