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More American Girl Live News!

The first American Girl Live show will be on Saturday in Findlay, Ohio! I won't be there, sadly, but I'm going to try my best to get all the updates and clips I can for you guys using my advanced Internet search tools. Anyways, a local newspaper near Findlay added more details about the show:

"American Girl Live, an original musical that follows girls with their dolls as they spend part of their summer with new friends at Camp American Girl, is coming to the Marathon Center for Performing Arts in Findlay for four performances.

The campers and counselors are enjoying their summer at the camp, but the campers also are encountering challenges, which cause their American Girl dolls to come to life to help them, said Sandy Rustin, who wrote the show’s book and the lyrics for its songs.

For example, 10-year-old Tori is spending her first summer at Camp American Girl and is worried about being homesick and making friends. She brings along Maryellen, an American Girl historical character doll represents the 1950s. Maryellen, who has imagination and spirit, comes to life and sings “Be True to Yourself,” a song about being your authentic self, and people will like you for who you are. The show’s songs are steeped in the musical genres of the doll’s time period, so the 1914 doll comes to life during a ragtime number, Rustin said.

The musical highlights the empowerment of girls and the importance of reading; people think of the dolls, but it really started with the American Girl books, said Heather J. Clow, executive director of the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts."

WAHOO! I'm so excited to learn more about Tori and the rest of the American Girl campers in the new musical when it comes to my town in the beginning of March!

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