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American Girl 2019 Doll of the Year Blaire Wilson Store Pictures!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I just got in the car after going to the American Girl store for the 2019 Girl of the Year Blaire Wilson Berry rewards launch party! Here’s all the pictures of her items:

The Blaire section was covered in a black curtain, which was right by this sign.

This was the photo op for Blaire!

This is Blaire and her accessories along with her logo.

They are selling girl-sized versions of the Blaire meet dress and her bag from the accessories.

This is Blaire and her accessories!

This is a promo image for Blaire along with the army of boxed dolls.

An advertisement for Blaire's Garden!

This is Blaire working in her garden with her lamb Penelope, Dandelion the chicken and the nameless pig who doesn't exist in the books!

This is Blaire's In Bloom Pajamas.

These are the pajamas in the box.

These are the girl sized pajamas.

This is a sign for Blaire's Family Farm Restaurant.

This is the dining area!

Another photo of the dining area.

This is Blaire's cart that comes with her set.

This is Blaire in her Floral Flair Outfit working in the kitchen.

Blaire's Family Farm Restaurant costs $300 and contains 67 pieces!

This is Blaire's Floral Flair Outfit.

This is Blaire's Bridesmaid Outfit and her wedding Party Decor.

This is the box of Blaire's Party Decor.

This is the box of Blarie's Bridesmaid Dress.

This is a sign inside Blaire's house photo op!

This is the window, showing a glimpse of Blaire's "kitchen".

This is a closeup of the plants in Blaire's garden.

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