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5 Things To Do With Your American Girl Doll Instead Of Watching The Super Bowl

Let me say it here: the Super Bowl is overrated. Why all the hype for just a bunch of men running around and throwing a ball? I know my #53, Maisie, would disagree, but it's just BORING. So, I decided to make a list of 5 things you can do with your dolls tomorrow instead of watching the Super Bowl!

1- If you have to go to a party, bring a doll or two and play with them. Your imagination will easily think of something for them to do!

2- Bring headphones and watch a movie or TV show with your dolls. You can obviously watch an American Girl movie or the WellieWishers show, but anything would be fine if your OK with your dolls watching!

3- Lose yourself in an American Girl book. Maybe you can finally get around to reading the Blaire book you got with the doll!

4- Run to your doll room and dress your dolls in all different outfits.

5- If your parents force you to watch, just dress your doll in a cheerleader costume and make her dance whenever a team scores!

Do you like the Super Bowl? If not, what are you doing from this list? I'm doing number 2!

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