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New American Girl Movie Officially In The Works!

I haven't heard about any of this since last June, but I'm happy to report that it's official: there is a new American Girl live action movie in the works!

The movie will be made by Mattel's new production company, Mattel Films, MGM and PictureStart. Cassidy Lange (The Vow, Leap Year), Robbie Brenner (Dallas Buyers Club) and Erik Feig (Escape Plan) will produce the movie. It will most likely be theatrical, and it is unclear if it's for one doll or more.

Movies based on toys have been pretty popular lately, with Lego making four movies in the span of five years (which have all been pretty well received) and Mattel greenlighting Barbie and Hot Wheels movies. I knew it would be smart for American Girl to go back into the movie business - to be honest, just this Saturday I came back from The Lego Movie 2 thinking that they should make another movie, so I'm pretty excited!

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