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Josefina and Kit Getting Cubed?

Say goodbye to the 1800s in American Girl history. While Josefina and Addy are technically still available, I knew something was up when the video of the new American Girl book covers only showed Kaya's, Rebecca's, Nanea's, Maryellen's, Melody's and Julie's. This morning, American Girl posted a photo about kindness, which just seems like a regular post to an average person. But I noticed something about the photo:

The photo they chose to pair with the quote has Kaya, Rebecca, Nanea, Maryellen, Melody, Julie, Luciana and Blaire in it. It also seems styled like a normal doll group picture, and American Girl has been including the Girls of the Year in the catalog's timeline of dolls by era. So if this photo is accurate, it looks like Josefina and Kit will be cubed, since they didn't get new covers and the other cubed dolls (Felicity, Addy and Samantha) aren't there, either. Also, with the exception of Kaya and Blaire, the dolls in the photo are the dolls that are featured in the American Girl Live show.

What do you think about this? Kit had a nice and long run with a movie and many big items, but I'm a little worried about Josefina's cubing. If they market Luciana as "the Latina girl" and then retire her in 2020, then they will have to make a new Latina historical, and all the signs so far don't look likely for the next historical to be Latina. Besides, all signs are looking for the next historical doll to be from the 1920's or the 1980's...

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