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Where Are The American Girl Dolls Now? My Theories (Part 2- Girls of the Year)

We're back with Part 2 of my 2 day Where Are The American Girl Dolls now series! Today, I'm featuring the Contemporary Characters. These ones aren't mostly dead (of course), but I'm not including Luciana and Blaire because it's been 3 months since Luciana's stories ended and we can assume she's the same now and Blaire's stories haven't even started yet (they start in June).

Lindsey (age 28)- After realizing that she could make a change in a way that didn't involve getting in trouble, Lindsey became a politician to advocate for positive change. She went to a college for law, and served 2 terms on the Chicago City Council before- you guessed it, she became the mayor of Chicago, which she is right now.

Kailey (age 26)- Kailey ended up becoming a marine biologist, just like her mother. She loves her job because she's able to find out more about the tide pools and beaches she loves, and she also advocates for the safety of the environment- just like she did in her childhood,

Marisol (age 24)- After auditioning to be a Rockette (and not making the cut), Marisol decided to give her town of Des Plaines the one thing she wished for back when she moved- a dance studio. She teaches all the styles she can, and even got her friend Sara to help!

Jess (age 23)- Jess ended up becoming a soccer player for the American soccer team. Despite them not qualifying for last year's World Cup, Jess is working hard to make sure they have a strong comeback in 2022.

Nicki (age 22)- Nicki is a senior at the University of Denver, where she is about to receive a degree in Communication Studies. But in her spare time, she volunteers at an animal shelter and trains dogs to become service dogs.

Mia (age 21)- Yes, Mia can drink- be shocked. On the lines of canon, I'd think that Mia would probably train harder to be an ice skater and also help coach little kids so they can follow their dreams. *Or maybe she ended up going to the Grand Prix Final and losing and then getting her idol as her new coach which turns out to be her love interest... nah, that's Mia on Ice.*

Chrissa (age 20)- Chrissa is currently pursuing a fine arts degree at the University of Minnesota as a sophomore. Once she graduates, she will take over her dad's art studio and spend her life doing what she loves. She also is on the swim team at her school.

Gwen (age 20)- Gwen got a scholarship to the Manhattan School of Music due to her talent in playing the violin. She plays at open mic nights across New York on the weekends, but every summer she makes sure to visit Chrissa and Sonali back in Minnesota.

Sonali (age 20)- Sonali ended up being Chrissa's roommate in college, where she's studying psychology. Where Sonali really shines is the swim team, where she is the star along with Chrissa.

Lanie (age 19)- Lanie got into Harvard, where she is studying biology. She also convinced her new college to start an outdoor garden for the school lunches, and Lanie loves tending to them. She became a vegetarian at 15, but she loves eating the salads she makes herself.

Kanani (age 18)- Kanani is about to graduate high school, and she has gotten accepted in the Hawaiian Pacific University to study marine biology. She will also start running the Akina Shaved Ice and Sweet Treats store, which she's excited about!

McKenna (age 17)- McKenna is a junior in high school, but she is trying her best to balance school, college applications and gymnastics as she trains to make her Olympic debut in 2020.

Saige (age 16)- Saige is a sophomore in high school, and she is still as interested in art as ever. She loves to paint everything she sees, and in her new high school, she even put up a mural in the hallways!

Isabelle (age 15)- Isabelle has now moved on to the performing arts high school, where the workload is even tougher than before and the dances are harder. But Isabelle knows that with her determination, she can do anything!

Grace (age 14)- Le Grande Patisserie has been doing great, which makes Grace happy. She is working harder than ever before in the kitchen, because once she raises enough money, she can go back to Paris with her friends!

Lea (age 14)- Lea has expanded on to her love of photography by creating an Instagram account of all her photos. Her photos now get thousands of likes, and she yearns to go back to Brazil- since her photography has gotten way better.

Gabriela (age 13)- Gabriela has been working so hard to manage her stutter that it's barely noticeable anymore. Not only that, but her poems have been winning more and more awards!

Tenney and Logan (ages 14 and 16)- Even though it's been a tough road for these two, they finally recorded their first ever album and it gained success online.

Z (age 15)- Z has been entering more and more film festivals- and she's learning that through her movies, she can shine a light on perspectives that most people wouldn't even consider.

What's your favorite story?

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