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What States Are American Girl Dolls From?

Have you ever wondered if an American Girl doll is from your state, or even your city? Look no further, because that's what I'm going to be posting about today! Here's the list:

Kaya: Parts of Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon

Felicity and Elizabeth: Williamsburg, Virginia

Caroline: Sackets Harbor, New York

Josefina: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cecile and Marie-Grace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Kirsten: Minnesota

Addy: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Samantha and Nellie: Mount Bedford and New York, New York

Rebecca: New York, New York

Kit and Ruthie: Cincinatti, Ohio

Nanea: Honolulu, Hawaii

Molly and Emily: Jefferson, Illinois

Maryellen: Daytona Beach, Florida

Melody: Detroit, Michigan

Julie and Ivy: San Francisco, California

Lindsey: Chicago, Illinois