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This isn't about how Pleasant Rowland got money to start Pleasant Company. (If that was an article, it would only be one sentence long. ONE SENTENCE). But the American Girl Fashion Show program- which just ended in 2016- wasn't the only way AG had fundraisers for other charities. They had other programs too, back in the 90's and early 2000's! (Like, very early 2000's. I was born in 2005 and they were all gone by then.) Here's a list of all the programs AG had!

*Samantha's Ice Cream Social (trademark registered in 1995 and cancelled in 2007)- This event was Samantha-inspired and according to an article from 1998, it was an ice cream social that featured an on-screen show that gave young girls, their families and their friends an educational look at life during Samantha's time. Activities included making sundaes, drinking pink lemonade, learning about ice cream parlors, hand-cranked freezers, sodas and cones, learning how to make proper introductions, dress a proper table and fold a linen napkin into a fancy Victorian fan. There was also raffles for Samantha dolls and products. Here's a photo of one I found online, taken in 1997:

The American Girls Pastimes Party (registered in 1997 and cancelled in 2005): According to an Chicago Tribune article from 2000, the event featured playing games and making crafts of yesteryear, including making castles out of playing cards, watching shadow plays, watching slideshows about each doll, creating greeting cards and practicing posture. I sadly couldn't get a picture...

Welcome, Josefina, Josefina's Fiesta and Dancing Through Time were both registered in 1997 and cancelled in 2005, but I couldn't find any other information on them online. Same thing with Kit's Care and Share Party and American Girl Ice Cream Fun Day, but those were filed in 2000. My online research can only do so much!

Would you like to go to one of these? I would love to go to any AG event! I regret not going to the AG Fashion Show in 2015 because I thought it sounded stupid... turns out I was the stupid one since it stopped that next year!

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