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Emory Van Zant, Della and Barbara Trademarks DEAD!

Thanks Rebecca for commenting this on my last post! This post is dedicated to all the zombies out there. Happy slightly early Halloween!

Anyways, the name Emory Van Zant, is now a dead trademark! This means that American Girl has abandoned whatever Emory Van Zant was supposed to be. My personal guess was that she was supposed to be the Contemporary Character that was slated for release in June 2018, but never released due to the Contemporary Characters underperforming. Anyways, it's interesting to note that the trademark has gone back to the Trademark Orphanage after over two years of nothingness!

Della and Barbara are dead as well. These trademarks were trademarked near the end of 2015- and nothing really happened as well.

Oh well. Have a funeral for these dolls that will never be!

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