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My Top 10 American Girl Doll Songs!

American Girl has spawned a lot of good music. From musicals to movie soundtracks and everything in between, these dolls have inspired many songs! Today, I'm ranking my all time favorite songs from everything American Girl.

Honorable Mention: Infinite Wonder from the Lea to the Rescue trailer. It wasn't in the real movie, but was so good that it ended up being the intro music for my YouTube series, Me My Camera and Diabetes, which I made in 2016!

10- A tie between Round And Round from Grace Stirs Up Success and Rainy Day Hula from American Girl Live. They're both so good- I couldn't choose!

9- U R Your Own Star from Isabelle Dances Into The Spotlight. This song is really inspiring and fits Isabelle's story very well! I also liked how it was used in Isabelle's commercials.

8- Nellie's Shoes from Circle of Friends. I love how this song portrayed Samantha's and Nellie's friendship and their story! Samantha's books are some of my personal favorites- I think this summer I'm going to go on an AG book rereading spree and review them all!

7- Extraordinary World from Saige Paints The Sky. I didn't personally like this movie from what I remember (I'm going to rewatch all the AG movies this summer as well since I haven't seen most of them since fourth or fifth grade and I'm about to graduate eighth), but this song (and this scene) was epic, I can totally tell a lot of work went into it!

6- Home Away From Home from American Girl Live. This song is another really good song from American Girl Live, When the show was announced, I was kind of nervous the songs wouldn't be as awesome as other AG songs in the past, but THEY ALL ROCK. Especially this one!

5- Blast Off from American Girl Live. This scene was my favorite part of the entire American Girl Live show, and the song just makes it even better! All I want is for the American Girl Live soundtrack to come out- that would make me SO HAPPY! *If that happens, I might recreate the musical with my dolls!*

4- Up Up And Away from Grace Stirs Up Success. Ever since the movie came out, this has been on my playlist. It's so catchy and really invokes the spirit of Grace!

3- I Like Your Style. It's a little cheesy, but it's a classic. I'M PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN GIRL!

2- Imagine from the American Girls Revue, I love this song because it represents all the eras that American Girl had at the time and highlights the adventurous spirit that American Girl's all about!

1- The Best That I Can Be (The American Girls Anthem). OF COURSE THIS HAD TO BE #1! It would be a sin if it was anywhere else on this list. It's the perfect representation of what American Girl is all about. I even recall Pleasant Rowland making a Facebook just to quote the lyrics from this song in the wake of the 2016 election to remind girls that they can do anything! I love it so much and will

forever adore it!

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